E-cell VNIT

We at E-Cell VNIT serve the purpose of fostering a community of contemporary as well as seasoned entrepreneurs by organising expert talks, webinars, workshops, light skill development events as well as highly rewarding competitions, pitching scenarios and much more throughout the year. Besides this, we have been mentoring new and budding start-ups across the country and at the same time, invoking a sense of responsibility in students towards the nation by empowering social start-ups as well.

Ever wondered how it feels like to be a part of an auction? Especially of our favourite event of the year, IPL? Well, here's your chance to experience it. With the help of your cricketing mind, manage your budget and decide your tactics and defeat your opponents. For the love, passion and excitement for the game of Cricket, Join us where we welcome to you to build your 'dream team' for this year's IPL!
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