Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.



E-Cell VNIT is the entrepreneurship cell of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. As the name suggests, the very purpose of E-Cell is to foster a community of contemporary as well as seasoned entrepreneurs, besides mentoring of new and budding startups across the country.

Established since 2003, E-Cell has been the driving force for channelizing and guiding more than 5,000 startups, impacting over 200,000 students and would-be-entrepreneurs.

With a variety of programs E-Cell organization plays a key role in development of entrepreneurial skills and giving an opportunity to the deserving.

At the same time, it has been invoking a sense of responsibility towards the nation in students by empowering social startups as well.

Throughout the year, the E-Cell organizes expert talks, webinar, workshops, light skill development events as well as highly rewarding competitionns, pitching scenarios and much more.














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Lambent Technologies


Data Analytics By Yash Gandhi

Yash Gandhi


Idea Generation and Validation

IB Hubs


Error Management

Michael Frese


Desiging a BPlan

Devesh Chawla


Web Session

Matt Abrahams



Smart Plantation by using Innovative Self Watering Tree Guard
Sponsored by- Rainbow Greeners, Rakshak

Date: 26th January 2018


The 69th Republic Day of India witnessed a Self-Watering Tree Plantation Drive organized by Entrepreneurship Cell, VNIT in association with Rakshak by Rainbow Greeners. The Director of VNIT, Nagpur, Dr. N. S. Chaudhari, welcomed the initiative along with the authorities and dignitaries of the institute. The environment and its greenery help make a nation healthier in the most direct way possible, and the students of E-Cell, VNIT, decided that this auspicious day called for a step in the right direction. The self-watering tree guards ensure that water directly goes to the roots of the plant, and needs water only once every fifteen days. The CEO of Ajmera Tires, Dipesh Ajmera, also attended the event to show his support. Mr. Ajmera is also a mentor on the panel of Startup Conclave, a pan India exhibition of startups as part of Consortium ’18, coming up on 9 March, 2018. The initiative today goes hand in hand with E-Cell’s mantra this year to ‘Push the Human Race Forward’, and create a growth-driven youth for the city and the nation at large.


VNIT's Entrepreneurship Cell presents Flagship, it's inaugural event.

Flagship connects today's youth to intellectual and experienced speakers.

As the first event of the year, Flagship leaves a lasting impact on the minds of the students through a motivating and exciting session. It provides students a platform to display innovation and address issues of national and international importance.

Most importantly, Flagship provides the freshers at college the required direction to increase productivity of work, and the guidance of eminent personalities.

5:30 PM | 02 August
5th floor, New Admin Building, VNIT Nagpur

speakers Flagship'19

Harsh Goela

Stock Trader
TEDx Speaker, Founder of Goela School of Finance

Pankhuri Gidwani

Miss Grand International India 2016
Renowned TEDx Speaker

Jay Alani

Paranormal Investigator
Renowned TEDx Speaker


“A youth without fire is followed by an old age without experience.”

‘Jugaad’, a term often associated with entrepreneurs, is a flexible approach to problem-solving that uses limited resources in an innovative way .To ignite this spirit, E-Cell organises an event called 'JUGAAD' at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology where with limited resources, an excruciatingly small time frame put together with their jugaadu skills the participants make ginormous profits.

Each team is given an initial base investment of INR 100. Teams have full freedom to use this money whichever way they like, to make maximum profits through legal means. The event encourages out of the box thinking through which participants can earn profits, which in fact has resulted in beautiful ideas and products many a times. The winners of the event are awarded with exciting goodies and an internship opportunity at an esteemed organisation.

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Consortium, the Annual Entrepreneurship Summit of VNIT Nagpur of VNIT Nagpur is a three day fest which comprises of invigorating events like Startup Conclave, Swades, Bizzmantra and many more. The summit aims at fueling the entrepreneurial attitude amongst students through healthy competition and exciting challenges, giving them a peak into the real world. Get ready to dive into the extravaganza of

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Data Analytics by Yash Gandhi

About the Speaker

  • Yash Gandhi,
  • Lead Statistician,
  • Helpshift,
  • Purdue University

Date : 24th August, 2017


Data science, also known as data-driven science, is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, similar to data mining. Data science is a "concept to unify statistics, data analysis and their related methods" in order to "understand and analyze actual phenomena" with data.

Here's a look at some of the key Big Data trends entrepreneurs need to be aware of today:

  • Heavier emphasis on predictive analytics
  • Deep learning
  • The rise of the data engineer
  • Shifting away from Hadoop
  • Big Data-as-a-Self Service

Idea Generation And Validation

About the Speaker

  • IB Hubs,
  • Lead Statistician,
  • Helpshift,
  • Purdue University

Date : 24th August, 2017


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Error Management

About the Speaker

  • Michael Frese,
  • Provost's Chair,
  • Head of Department,
  • National University of Singapore

Date : 30th November, 2017


Every organization is confronted with errors. Most errors are corrected easily, but some may lead to negative consequences. Organizations often focus on error prevention as a single strategy for dealing with errors. Our review suggests that error prevention needs to be supplemented by error management—an approach directed at effectively dealing with errors after they have occurred, with the goal of minimizing negative and maximizing positive error consequences (examples of the latter are learning and innovations). After defining errors and related concepts, we review research on error-related processes affected by error management (error detection, damage control). Empirical evidence on positive effects of error management in individuals and organizations is then discussed, along with emotional, motivational, cognitive, and behavioral pathways of these effects. Learning from errors is central, but like other positive consequences, learning occurs under certain circumstances—one being the development of a mind-set of acceptance of human error.

Desiging a BPlan

About the Speaker

  • Devesh Chawla,
  • CEO & Founder,
  • Chatur Ideas
Date : 04th January, 2018


  • What is a business plan?
    1. Why prepare a business plan?
    2. What to avoid in your business plan
  • Business Plan Format
    1. Vision statement
    2. The people
    3. Business profile
    4. Economic assessment
  • Eight Steps to a Great Business Plan
    1. Set time aside to prepare
    2. Focus and refine concept
    3. Gather data
    4. Outline the specifics of your business
    5. Include experience
    6. Put your plan into a compelling form
    7. Enhance with graphics
    8. Share draft with trusted advisers
  • Does Your Plan Include the Following Necessary Factors
    1. A sound business concept
    2. Understanding your market
    3. Healthy, growing and stable industry
    4. Capable management
    5. Able financial control
    6. Consistent business focus
    7. Mindset to anticipate change
    8. Plans for online business

Web Session by Matt Abrahams


  • Matt Abrahams,
  • Lectures on organizational behavior,
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Author of Speaking Up Without Freaking Out
  • TEDx Speaker on “Think fast, talk smart”
Date : 03rd February, 2018

In his words:

As a communication professor and coach, I hear a lot from presenters about anxiety. Their two greatest fears are that they will forget what to say and that the audience won’t remember what was spoken. These fears are certainly understandable, but create much angst among nervous and novice presenters. In this series of posts, I will suggest several steps you can take to make your presentations more memorable for everyone.